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Trusting Yourself The Sober Witch talks about trusting yourself and the power of being vulnerable and all of the wonderful things that have fallen into place since she decided to share her real self. This episode also talks about how you can Create A Magnetic Personal Brand By Being Yourself. If you’re looking for a […]

#40 – Letting Go To Find Yourself, with Renee Carlson


You can create a life out of your passions! Listen to how my guest has built as business around doing what she loves. Check out this episode! The biggest takeaways from this episode: How combining interests can lead to the perfect work, career, and lifestyle solution. Following the path less traveled while traveling, as well […]

#39 – Living A Life of Travel and Adventure with Judy Hughes

Judy Hughes


Dr. Dawn Davis, author of “Mom As You Are,” rants about the “bust through” approach to yoga and shares her thoughts on self-care and the method she created called M-I-N-D-F-U-L. The biggest takeaways from this episode: The messages we get can be misleading – and using yoga to “bust through” stagnation is the opposite of […]

#38 – Yoga Is Not A Weapon, with Dr. Dawn Davis


The Sober Witch, Renee Carlson, shares her journey from drinking into sobriety and the joy she has found building a business around her spirituality and real life experiences. The biggest takeaways from this episode: The beauty and joy of realizing you don’t have to have all the answers. How a focus on helping other women […]

#37 – Creating a Business Out Of Messy, Real Life With Renee Carlson

Rene Carlson


Dr. Dawn Davis shares tips for owning and weathering the changes that come with parenting teenagers and encourages us to relate to ourselves with non-judgemental, inquisitiveness. The biggest takeaways from this episode: The way we relate to ourselves is the way we will relate to others. How important it is to be curious about our […]

#36 – Letting Go Of Control When You’re Parenting Teens, with Dr. Dawn Davis

Dawn Davis


Relationship and Love Consultant, Dr. Sharon Cohen, shares lessons and insights into the hidden roadblocks that keep smart and successful women from experiencing the love and intimacy they want. The biggest takeaways from this episode: The difference between being independant and being inter-dependant. How powerful women can show that they are open the being in […]

#35 – Get and Keep Relationships, with Dr. Sharon Cohen

Dr. Sharon Cohen


The clothes we wear are a tool we can use to create our experiences and to feel the way we want to feel. Fashion Stylist, Elysha Lenkin, teaches us how to create our own “holistic style” so we can look amazing and be true to ourselves. The biggest takeaways from this episode: Style isn’t about […]

#34 – Creating Holistic Personal Style With Elysha Lenkin

Elysha Lenkin


Our choices and actions and the results we see in our lives come from the way we see ourselves. Learn how to intentionally choose the qualities you want to identify with to get more of what you want. Check out this episode! The biggest takeaways from this episode: Choosing the feeling you’d rather feel. How […]

#33 – Shifting Your Identity To Have More Of What You Want

annie kip style, llc


Dr. Dawn Davis, author of “Mom As You Are,” shares 3 actionable strategies to help us overcome worried thinking and get back in touch with our body’s wisdom, develop self-compassion, and trust the process. The biggest takeaways from this episode: Dawn’s new book! “Mom As You Are” How worried thinking cuts us off from our […]

#32 – How To Overcome Worried Thinking With Dr. Dawn Davis

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