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soft ambition

 choose to relax into yourself.

For women who've been around the block enough to know that the journey is just as valuable as the destination.

There's an easier way...and
you don't have to figure this out on your own!

but you can't seem to stick to a routine and you beat yourself up for not making more progress.
You know you have more energy and enthusiasm when you follow your natural daily rhythms,
without exhausting yourself with busy-ness, procrastination, or buffering.
You know you want to ACT in ways that align with your values and beliefs,
you just need the right, confident words on the tip of your tongue.

You know you deserve to speak up and share your truth,



Gently push youR growing edges,
figure out what's in your way, and finally create the life
you really want.

Yes, I'm in!

soft ambition

The freedom we're craving is softer and quietly self-assured.

It comes from inside - from bravely looking at ourselves and developing trust in our instincts, our perceptions, and our own timing.

We value the journey as much as the destination.

We're no longer willing to buy into the idea that getting things done has to be hard...that we have to sacrifice ourselves to be valuable...that we have to choose all or nothing.

We are seeking a more easeful path to getting things done.

A way that is not punishing or shaming. An approach that embraces all of who we are. A way of living that allows us to be fully present, relaxed, and seen.

We are looking for a path that feels genuine, aligned, and easeful - for us. 

We are seeking freedom to effortlessly, fully be who we are.

soft ambition

The Soft Ambition Circle is group-coaching where you will lean into your best qualities, discover what has been holding you back, and be guided to accept yourself (right where you are, now) - so you can choose an easeful path forward.

You will be surprised at how much more enjoyable and productive this approach can be!

This is a rare opportunity to show up and just be where you are right now - and stop fighting with yourself.

We'll do this work in a weekly meeting where you can bring topics for coaching, learn about yourself in and out of the "soft seat," and also share your thoughts and insights with individuals in the group.

You'll have the opportunity to build friendships and deep connections with a supportive group of women who share a desire to experience self-trust and inner freedom!

what to expect

a 45-PAGE, spiral-bound soft ambition self-coaching workbook for the current season


(Please note: these workbooks are normally only available for purchase as a $37 digital download - but, as a member, you will receive a complimentary physical workbook for each season that you remain in the Soft Ambition Circle.)

experience self-trust

Honor your competing needs for stillness and activity, order and individual expression - and easefully work toward your goals, keep your commitments, and get things done without burning out or getting derailed by expectations.

natural rhythms

Create connection - and maybe even a legacy - by intentionally sharing yourself, speaking your truth, and listening well - without causing unnecessary conflicts, losing your patience, or making yourself small.

desired impact

Live your life as an expression of your values and beliefs by clarifying what matters most, identifying dissonance between your intent and action, being accountable to yourself, and making aligned choices in small and big ways.

personal values

imagine living everyday free from worry and doubt...and just trusting yourself

soft ambition

In each season of our lives, we have the opportunity to get curious about ourselves in a new way. 

We are always creating as we go - feeling our way along....sorting this from that...plotting our path.

With each step, we determine the next step.

What fits right now?
What is ready to be released?
What needs more incubation?
What is ready to emerge?

No one else knows our answers to these questions.

It can feel intense - and even selfish - to invest time, attention, and resources into our personal journey, but we are the only ones who can decide that we are worth it.

No one is coming to tell us our truths.
No one can set us free.
This is our own work.

You'll come to the weekly group-coaching calls with topics that bubble up as you are working in your Soft Ambition Self-Coaching Workbook - or from anything else that is going on in your life.

You'll learn and practice a specific structure for offering and receiving input that is freeing, generous, and supports each members' ability to manage their experience.

You'll be encouraged to tune-in to yourself, make choices, set boundaries, and share your wisdom and insights with others.

You'll develop and learn about your own thoughts and tendencies, whether you are in the "soft seat" being coached, offering input, or simply holding space for others.

You'll develop new friendships and build deep, supportive connections with women who want the best for you.

HERE'S how it LOOKS...

experience self-trust

There's no obligation here! You'll keep the rate you start with for as long as you are a continuous member of the group. You are free to stop your membership at any time.

monthly investment:

When you click the link below, you'll be taken to a sign-up page where you can join the Soft Ambition Circle. 

As soon as I see you have signed up, these things will happen:

1) You'll get an email with the zoom link for our weekly group-coaching meetings, (Tuesdays from 1-2 p.m. ET) and a link to the digital version of the Soft Ambition Self-Coaching Workbook, so you can get started right away.

2) You'll be sent an email containing a Welcome Packet with info about our meetings, a coaching agreement, and additional tips for getting the most out of your experience. 

3) I will ship to you a physical, spiral-bound Soft Ambition Self-Coaching Workbook for the current season.

4) Each new season that you are a member, I will send you a physical, spiral-bound Soft Ambition Self-Coaching Workbook for the upcoming season.

5) You'll start your Soft Ambition journey of creating the life you want!

Next STEPS...

I was having a hard time balancing everything in my life and I wanted to enjoy my work more.

From working with Annie, I saw new possibilities and was able to call upon my own unique abilities and internal strength to move in a productive direction.

Anna Kaufman,
Chief Badass,

what clients say...

Through working with Annie, I discovered that it wasn’t one thing in particular I needed to work on but that several areas in my life weren’t in alignment with who I truly am. 

The biggest internal shift I experienced was that I came to a better understanding of myself, who I am, what I believe in, what I want. And, I learned to be more comfortable with all of that and less worried about what others may think of me. 

The biggest change was that I felt much more at ease in both business and social environments. For the first time in my life I felt deserving of the successes I had achieved and like I “belonged” in the environment I was working or socializing in. I will always remember and cherish the first time I felt that (at a business conference). It was a great feeling of confidence just for being “me.”

I would encourage any of my friends to work with Annie. She has a way of working that makes one resolve his or her issues organically, from the inside out. And, once you have this knowledge, it is invaluable. 

Irene Baker,
business owner

During our work together, I had a shift of awareness. There is a positive change in how I feel towards my work and my practice now and I really like how productive it is taking this new, easeful approach. 

I really liked some of the points you would say with one single phrase, and how they would linger on my mind…and then after a few days, boom! I would get it and I would have a new insight in my work. I loved that! I really enjoyed talking to you. I felt like I've known you for ages and that was incredibly nice. 

I would tell anyone thinking about working with you to go for it and allow themselves to discover aspects of their being with a fresh perspective!

Digging deeper doesn't need to be hard or difficult, and you make it so easy to go to those dark places in such a natural, compassionate and understanding way that is really unique. 

You make the process feel easy and gentle and paced. I liked that you gave me options to do what feels good for myself. 


Angie Belsaguy,
professional artist

i feel more confident moving in the direction of what i want to do instead of what i feel like i should do. i’m learning not to be so guilty about rest and so harsh toward myself about everything. 

my favorite part of working together: your balance of holding the feeling stuff but also pressing edges. i think you did this with grace and grit. 

annie works not from what she thinks is best for you but what she sees you think is best for you. she helps you trust your trust, push your edges, honor your worth, and get to where you didn’t think you needed to go but gratefully realize is where you must have been headed all along.  

she’s also deeply encouraging in a real no bullshit kind of way and full of laughter. even when what we’re working through’s really hard it’s still somehow delightful too. 

silvi alcivar,
poet, artist, business owner

Annie helped me to see clearly from the perspective of possibility and harness my strengths to propel me forward in developing my business. I feel lighter and unburdened by my fears and I am much more confident about how to bring my best self to my business now.

Before our first session, I was nervous about sharing my challenges, so I especially appreciated Annie's open, kind, non-judgmental, down-to-earth style.

If I hadn't worked with Annie, I would be feeling stuck in indecision and still held back by my fear rather than taking steps forward in my business with an empowered mindset.

Mae Yan,
Relationship Coach

yes, let's do this!

We'll gently dig into what's been holding you back and help you create your own unique path toward the life you've always wanted.

We'll lean into our soft ambition together - with spaciousness, softness, pleasure, and compassion - and set aside the pressure to perform.

Come discover how to make the journey of self-discovery just as enjoyable as the destination.

come join me in
the Soft ambition circle