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The freedom we're craving is quietly self-assured.

It comes from inside - from bravely looking at ourselves and developing trust in our instincts, our perceptions, and our own timing.

We value the journey as much as the destination.

We're no longer willing to buy into the idea that getting things done has to be hard...that we have to sacrifice ourselves to be valuable...that we have to choose all or nothing.

We resonate with a whole-person approach to ambition.

A way that is not punishing or shaming. An approach that embraces all of who we are. A way of living that allows us to be fully present, relaxed, and expressed.

We are looking for a path that feels genuine, aligned, and easeful - for us. 

We are seeking freedom to effortlessly, fully be who we are.

finally relax into yourself

the soft ambition self-clarifying workbooks

choose your season

Each seasonal edition has different content to align with the unique rhythms, energy, and qualities of each season of the year - or the season of life - that you are currently experiencing.

Offered as a fully-formatted, print and binding-ready, digital download.

Each workbook has 56 custom-designed pages of journal-style prompts and queries so you can understand yourself better, find clarity, and move forward.

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download now



The Winter edition aligns with the cozy energy of this quiet season and is focused on slowing down, healing, tuning-in, and restoring yourself.

$37 USD

The Autumn edition aligns with circling inward and discerning what is ready to be released, so you can deliberately choose what is most supportive to you.

$37 USD

The Summer edition aligns with more activated, outward energy and the actions you can take to invest your attention and prioritize what really matters to you.

$37 USD

The Spring edition aligns with the season of emerging out of the darkness into light and nurturing what is growing and coming into being.

$37 USD

I created these workbooks to simulate the experience of talking with a coach, because I know that inward personal development work is often the key to your outward success.

As a PCC level Co-Active Professional Certified Coach (accredited through the International Coaching Federation), I know the questions that will help you find your own answers.

In the pages of these workbooks, you'll be gently challenged to dig below the surface.

The self-reflective, clarifying work that you'll do will help you become accountable to what is true for you and align your choices with what you really want to experience in your life.

If you've been feeling stuck or flat, this is the inner work that is needed to find your momentum.

You deserve to live in alignment with your unique personal values, natural rhythms, and your desired impact.

Uncover what is true for you, so you can experience the satisfaction, freedom, and power that comes from choosing to honor your whole self.

see yourself clearly and MAKE INTENTIONAL CHOICES

Honor your competing needs for stillness and activity, order and individual expression - and easefully work toward your goals, keep your commitments, and get things done without burning out or getting derailed by the expectations of others.

your natural rhythms

Deliberately choose the impact you want to have on the people around you. Discover and intentionally share your gifts, know what you need to feel whole and supported, and honor what really matters to you.

your desired impact

Live your life as an expression of your values and beliefs by clarifying what matters most, identifying dissonance between your intent and action, being accountable to yourself, and making aligned choices in small and big ways.

your personal values

YOU CAN FINALLY trust yourself

WHEN YOU discover what's true for you

In each season of our lives, we have the opportunity to get curious about ourselves in a new way. 

We are always creating as we go - feeling our way along....sorting this from that...plotting our path.

With each step, we determine the next step.

What fits right now?
What is ready to be released?
What needs more incubation?
What is ready to emerge?

No one else knows your answers to these questions.

It can feel intense - and even selfish - to invest time, attention, and resources into your personal journey, but you are the only one who can decide that you are worth it.

No one is coming to tell you your truths.
No one can set you free.

This is your work.