annie kip


As a PCC level Co-Active Professional Certified Coach (accredited through the International Coaching Federation), I have the experience to ask the right questions to help you find your own answers. I will offer perspective, challenge you to go for what you really want, and hold onto your dreams when you're feeling lost. 

I believe doing work that is a full expression of your unique brilliance and point of view is the most effective way to create sustainable satisfaction, freedom, and success - as well as a more economically balanced and socially just world.

It's my honor to help you to clarify and get comfortable and confident owning and talking about your unique personal and professional experiences to convey your genuine authority.

I help you listen to yourself, because you are the expert on you

Being a coach and running my business this way lets me live in sync with what I care about. Reading what I love to read and creating content and products that are meaningful and align with my values.

My three kids are all taller than me now and have almost all flown the coop - which means less laundry, more "me-time," and a very excited mama anytime we can all get together!

We have a little urban homestead here in my suburban backyard - with vegetable gardens and a literal coop around back, occupied by four chickens (Betty, Ruth, Kamala, and Eleanor). Last year, we said goodbye to our sweet, 14-year-old chocolate lab, Luna, and I still miss her.

I've integrated my personal and business lives into one big, whole, values-aligned life that I love.

You can do this too.

My business is built around all the things I love to do and the skills that come naturally to me - from my personal experiences in life and as an entrepreneur, as well as my previous corporate in branding and marketing with Nike and Ralph Lauren. My experiences in positioning, branding, and marketing allow me to strategize with clients about expressing and communicating their unique expertise and authority from many angles.

I work via phone from my home office because it not only gives us both the freedom to optimize our time, but most importantly creates a real sense of intimacy with clients and creates a dynamic that actually deepens the effectiveness of the work we are doing.

INNER_freedom makes all the difference

If you come by on the weekend, you'll most likely find me at home. Yep, I'm a huge introvert and I love sitting on my porch, reading and drinking coffee. I also might be in my garden up to my elbows in dirt or on my laptop digging deep into whatever business, marketing, psych, or personal development topic has me obsessed this week.

I've done my learning in real life and in the classroom - and I strive everyday to practice what I teach my clients about finding clarity, making deliberate choices, and showing up fully.

I believe the world would be a better place if we were all able to be our full, whole selves everyday and do the work we love, on our own terms.

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If you've made it this far, I bet you're ready to build the personal brand and business you've always wanted. 

Stop fighting with yourself and start doing the work you love, on your own terms.

You're ready.