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You're tired of living a fractured life - where you have to be one version of yourself for work and another version (frankly, the more interesting and relaxed version) of yourself at home.

You are truly grateful for all the good things in your life, but something feels like not enough and it's exhausting trying to be okay with the way things are - which only makes you feel more stuck.

You're scared that the things that make you YOU will be squished into not enough free time for the rest of your days.


hey there, I'm Annie.

I help should-be-satisfied professionals discover how to live a whole life - an integrated life where all the parts you love about yourself get to shine and be seen and appreciated.

I know from my own experience that whatever makes you unique is your ticket to fulfillment, freedom, and success at home and at work.


let me guess, you've tried:

gratitude journaling
meditating with all your might
droning on and on to your friends
reinventing yourself 
following the rules
breaking the rules
being quieter
being louder
grinding harder
ignoring the sinking feeling

It's not your fault.
here's why:

We all have subconscious conditioning from society and our families (even the most awesome parents, ahem, do this without realizing it!) that's like a 24-hour-a-day broadcast screaming that it is literally dangerous to be our whole selves.

It's the water we're all swimming in, so it's nearly impossible to identify this conditioning on your own. (This is where I can help!)

So, we end up fracturing ourselves into parts and we try all these strategies that aren't getting at to the core problem - and then we beat ourselves up because they don't work!

We're missing the one thing that would make everything so much easier...integration.

We could simply integrate all of who we are into one amazing, unique, whole person who literally glows with satisfaction and contentment.

But getting there is scary. I get it.

I wasted so much energy fighting with my insecurity, exhausting myself trying to be “on” and "low-key" at the same time, and investing, curating, and creating something I didn't even care about.

I tried to be like them,
but I just wasn't

I understand, because I’ve lived in this special hell.

When I started my job at Nike Design, I was soooo grateful to be there - and ridicuously nervous. I was a basic Mary Tyler Moore working in a sea of too-cool, moody designers - and the more I feigned nonchalant confidence, the more awkward and uncomfortable I felt.

So, I doubled down and got glasses with heavy frames (because nerd was the new hot), clomped around in big ole black Doc Martens (comfy but so not my style), and snipped my hair reeeeaaal short (much to the dismay of my new husband).

Manufacturing hipness became my main ambition.

i've been there
- and it wasn't pretty.

Actually, I lay on the floor and cried and realized that I couldn't do it anymore.

It wasn't sustainable and I felt awful everyday, so I finally broke down and had to drop the shoulds and let my girl-next-door, un-designery quirkiness show.

I finally stopped flexing and just let all my boring me-ness hang out - and things changed.

Without realizing it, I integrated who I really was into my professional persona. 

Turns out, doggoneit, people like me. I found my place in that sea of sameness, in spite of - or maybe because - I was not like them.

My anxious personal world had collided with my hard-driving professional world - and the result was ease. I kinda liked it.

I finally decided to do something about it

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Relaxing into yourself can bring THE fulfillment, freedom, and success you really want.

Now, I help should-be-satisfied professionals like you, deliberately craft a unique personal brand using these same brand strategies I absorbed at Nike and Ralph Lauren.

The experience people have of you can make you the go-to expert in your current job and sets you up to build an entrepreneurial business that's precisely aligned with exactly who you are.

You'll integrate, shine up, and lead with the parts of yourself that you particularly enjoy and build real connections. This is the kind of worklife you've been wanting and the life satisfaction that you've been longing for.

All it takes is living a whole, integrated life.

We can't separate what we care about from who we are. Our personal, professional, and political values are integral and important. Sharing your whole self lets your potential clients get to know, like, and trust you on a deeper level.

Getting over yourself and showing whatever is true and real for you makes it so much easier to show up with effortless confidence and bond with people who are a good fit for you and your business.

the big brands have raving fans who are all in - and you can too.

Nike really was created by real elite athletes.

Ralph really does live on a legit elegant horse ranch.

And you, my friend, just have to be yourself

When you show up with all of your YOU-ness hanging out, your personal brand differientiator is simply and magnificently...YOU.

It was easy for us to create Deep connections with customers because we were just marketing what was real

When I worked for Nike and Ralph Lauren, we were all about giving you, the customer, an amazing experience.

We designed every aspect of every interaction - from the stores, to the product, to the packaging, to the ads - to be a total brand experience. We wanted it to feel amazing and awesome to be associated with us - to be a "Nike shoe dog" or to wear "Ralph." And it worked.

This is how personal branding finally clicked for me

So why does this matter to me?

Feeling fractured is simply an indication that some part of you is not fully expressed or that you are not living in alignment with something that really matters to you

As a Co-Active Professional Certified Coach (accredited through the International Coaching Federation), I ask questions to help you find your own answers and challenge you to go for what you really want. My background in branding and marketing allows me to strategize with clients about their unique presence and business positioning.

I believe building a personal brand that's a full expression of your unique brilliance is the most effective way to create genuine satisfaction, freedom, and success - as well as a more economically balanced and socially just world.

It's my honor to help you sort this out for yourself as you develop a personal brand that allows you to live a whole, integrated life.

feeling stuck is a symptom

I've done my learning in real life and I strive everyday to practice what I teach my clients about being brave and showing up fully.

My business is built around all the things I love to do - my background in branding and marketing with Nike and Ralph Lauren, my work as a stylist, my experiences as a serial entrepreneur, travel  with my partner in Europe, and the values that have made me create a little backyard urban homestead.

I work via phone from my home office because it gives me the freedom to control my time and integrate my personal and professional lives into one big, whole, aligned life that I love.

I believe the world would be a better place if we were all able to be our full, whole selves and do the work we love, on our own terms.

deliberately Choosing makes all the difference

As a California girl living in New England, you'll find me in a sweater and jeans most of the year - but I mix in anything that tickles my fancy, from vintage jewelry, to (faux!) python cowboy boots, to moviestar sunglasses.

I've given up my Doc Martens - but I've come to see the value of giving myself permission to wear whatever gives me the
mindset (i.e. armor!) or boost I'm looking for.

Even during the pandemic, when I'm working from home all by myself, I actually choose what to wear according to how I want to feel on any given day.
(You can do this too! Try it!)

If you come by on the weekend, you'll most likely find me at home. Yep, I'm a huge introvert and I love lounging on my porch, reading and drinking coffee. I also might be in my garden up to my elbows in dirt or on my laptop digging deep into whatever business, psych, or personal development topic has me obsessed this week.

My three kids are all taller than me now and have almost all flown the coop - which means less laundry, more me-time, and a very excited mama anytime we can all get together. Even if it's only on Zoom.

We have vegetable gardens and a literal coop around back, occupied by four chickens (Betty, Ruth, Kamala, and Eleanor), who are watched over by our sweet, 14-year-old chocolate lab, Luna.

Luna will definitely greet you with big, sloppy kisses!
(You've been warned.)

hello, and welcome!

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Let's work together to create the genuine fulfillment, freedom, and success you've been craving.

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If you've made it this far, I bet you're ready to show up and be seen the way you want to be seen. You're ready to do the work you love to do - in a way that energizes you every day.

You're ready to feel genuinely confident and at-ease in all areas of your life.

You're ready to stop feeling fractured and stuck and ready to start living a whole, integrated life, on your own terms. 

You are ready.