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You started your business you wanted the freedom to do the work you love, on your own terms.

...but now the pressure of running and building the business - and trying to follow all the advice and best practices - has you spinning your wheels and frustrated that you don't have it all figured out yet. 

The good news is that it's possible to have the business freedom you want without burning down what you've already built. 

It's possible to make an impact without losing yourself. You can learn to trust yourself, feel clear about your business, move forward and experience the freedom and peace that comes from building your own unique business.



You wanted to work for yourself because you wanted freedom, but you're starting to feel trapped in your business. Some days feel like a real slog. It's hard to stay focused on the work that you like and also be disciplined about the nuts and bolts of running a business, which you don't like.

You're starting to wonder if working for yourself was a big mistake.

"MAYBE this business was a stupid idea"

You're holding it together on the outside, but inside you're worried you don't have what it takes. Everyone else makes it look easy - and seems better at organizing and managing time. You think the solution might be to get up earlier or get a VA or take another course. Or maybe if you could just learn to use Notion everything would fall into place and make sense.

You're driving yourself harder than any mean boss ever could, but you still think you have a productivity problem.

"MAYBE i'M terrible at this"

There's a sense of urgency to know what you're doing and to get things right the first time. Starting your business seemed like a good idea and now you feel like you have to prove it.

You're trying to learn everything as fast as possible, your to-do list keeps growing, and you're inner critic just won't shut up.

"if I don't hurry up, i will fail"

fears of entrepreneurs

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helping you figure this out is my specialty.

It's time to stop following the rules and trying to please everyone else - and start building a unique business that pleases you.

The process of discovering your own way to do business is an important part of building an entrepreneurial business. 

You work on yourself, while you work on your business.

Freedom comes from integrating more and more of yourself into your business.

This clarity let's you lean into the parts of your business that align with your best way of working. instead of trying to copy the blueprint some guru is peddling.

Stop being so hard on yourself. You really can do the work you love, on your own terms.

YOU CAN LEARN TO trust yourself, do THE WORK YOU LOVE,
and move forward

working for yourself and working on yourself

Relationship Coach

Mae Yan

"I needed clarity on my niche and what type of service I would offer and I was struggling with fears about moving forward with my business.

Annie helped me to see clearly from the perspective of possibility and harness my strengths to propel me forward in developing my business. I feel lighter and unburdened by my fears and I am much more confident about how to bring my best self to my business now.

Before our first session, I was nervous about sharing my challenges, so I especially appreciated Annie's open, kind, non-judgmental, down-to-earth style.

If I hadn't worked with Annie, I would be feeling stuck in indecision and still held back by my fear rather than taking steps forward in my business with an empowered mindset."

what clients say...

what clients say...

Chief Badass

Anna Kaufman

"I was having a hard time
balancing everything in my life and I wanted to enjoy my work more.

From working with Annie, I
saw new possibilities and was able to call upon my own unique abilities and internal strength to move in a productive direction.

As a result of working with Annie, I definitely have more joy in my life, I've gotten more clients, and I have a more successful business."

what clients say...

Senior Advisor
Plum Street Advisors, LLC


“Annie gave me actionable feedback that I was able to implement immediately. More importantly, she helped me shift my mindset around marketing my services. She helped me spot the places where I was unintentionally sabotaging myself.

Annie also helped me think about ways to connect with my clients and prospects in a way that highlights my genuine personality and strengths. I got great feedback on how to talk about my business as a financial advisor. 

Annie gives insightful feedback - noticing things that are both positive and areas of potential improvement. My biggest take-away from coaching with Annie is to LEAN IN! and use my strengths to connect with people and grow my business.

Working with Annie will help you learn about yourself, grow as a leader, and use what you learn to increase your impact and effectiveness in your business.”

what clients say...

what clients say...

Certified Public Accountant, Financial Reporting Manager

stephen newman

Annie is wonderful. Annie has a way of getting to the heart of the issue in a way that prevents me from getting defensive, which has led to some very eye-opening conversations.

She seems to understand the challenges that I have faced in my couple of decades in finance, and how to bridge the gap to personal relationships and growth.

Annie has helped to highlight to me the positives of my natural style so that I can build on my strengths and be a better person in and out of work.

Emotional Healer and Yoga Teacher

Frida Ayala

"Before working together I felt confused and needed clarity about my business. I had been struggling with how to make people see the value on my services, and I was frustrated.

Annie was able to help me clarify and understand SO much immediately. I felt like we put together a big puzzle in such a short period of time. Annie made it easy for me to see exactly how and where I need to take action.

Now I know what I need to implement, especially how to communicate what I do so people can see the value of my services."

what clients say...

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