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You should be satisfied, but you aren't - and I know you feel bad about this.

It's because you've got a pretty good life - and you're grateful for it - but you're craving the freedom to relax and just be yourself.

There's a divide between who you are at work and who you are at home that feels disconnected and exhausting, but you can't see how to close the gap.

You want to lean into the work that fulfills you and aligns with your values. You want to manage your time so you feel energized and enthusiastic every day.

You want to create genuine fulfillment, true freedom, and sustainable success with ease.

I work with professionals who are longing for something more.

Hello, I'm Annie Kip

You should be happy

You've got a job that a lot of people would be jealous of
- and you really do appreciate it -
but sometimes it feels more like a prison.

You don't feel like you can fully be yourself and you long for more control over the way you spend your time.

You've tried being satisfied with all of the rewards and kudos that come with your good fortune.

You've tried gratitude lists, will-power, and just getting along.

You've tried to sneak in the parts of yourself that you really enjoy on the side, but there's never enough time.

You've tried to squish yourself into a box, follow the rules, and fit in, but its dark and lonely in there.

You hate the way this feels, but you're hesitant to
do what you really love doing,

You feel guilty that you're not happy, but if you're being honest, this is not enough.

Being grateful for what you have might be the very thing that's keeping you from making a move toward what you really want.

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that's exactly what I can help you achieve

You can deliberately position yourself to get ahead in your current job or with your own entrepreneurial business, in a way that's precisely aligned with who you genuinely are.

helping you figure this out is my specialty.

I've been through this myself and I can assure you that you already have everything you need turn this around.

There’s no need to struggle or force yourself to change.

Being integrated honors who you are - both at home and at work. This feels so much better, sets you apart, and becomes your magnetic, unique differentiator.

We're talking about going all in on YOU - taking the parts of yourself that you thought were a liability (yes, the quirky and interesting parts you thought you had to hide) and making them into a competitive asset.

This is your personal brand advantage.

the antidote for that fractured, stuck feeling is integration

there's a better way

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what clients say...

Anna Kaufman
Chief Badass

"I was having a hard time
balancing everything in my life and I wanted to enjoy my work more.

From working with Annie, I
saw new possibilities and was able to call upon my own unique abilities and internal strength to move in a productive direction.

As a result of working with Annie, I definitely have more joy in my life, I've gotten more clients, and I have a more successful business."

"Before working together I felt confused and needed clarity about my business. I had been struggling with how to make people see the value on my services, and I was frustrated.

Annie was able to help me clarify and understand SO much immediately. I felt like we put together a big puzzle in such a short period of time. Annie made it easy for me to see exactly how and where I need to take action.

Now I know what I need to implement, especially how to communicate what I do so people can see the value of my services."

Frida Ayala
Emotional Healer and
Yoga Teacher 

what clients say...

"I needed clarity on my niche and what type of service I would offer and I was struggling with fears about moving forward with my business.

Annie helped me to see clearly from the perspective of possibility and harness my strengths to propel me forward in developing my business. I feel lighter and unburdened by my fears and I am much more confident about how to bring my best self to my business now.

Before our first session, I was nervous about sharing my challenges, so I especially appreciated Annie's open, kind, non-judgmental, down-to-earth style.

If I hadn't worked with Annie, I would be feeling stuck in indecision and still held back by my fear rather than taking steps forward in my business with an empowered mindset."

Mae Yan
Relationship Coach

what clients say...