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I want clarity

There's an easier way...and it's actually the opposite of all the efforting and self-discipline that you've tried so far.

...but so far nothing you've tried feels natural, so you say "screw it"...and neglect promoting your business 😩.
you know if you could just get your messaging figured out, you could move forward...'re sick of stressing about what to say and how you're coming across.


- but marketing yourself feels like a drag.

You know your work helps people,



In the Brand Clarity Marketing Method, you'll discover and articulate what makes you unique. 

There's no posturing or forcing yourself to "just be confident" with the Brand Clarity Marketing Method. Instead, you'll tap into your truth, which allows you to relax and let your authentic personality shine through.

This approach is unlike other branding exercises you may have done before - because it combines professional development and personal development.

Your positioning will be unique to you because it is based on your individual values and experiences.

The custom-designed exercises and step-by-step method unlock compelling details about your work to create messaging that feels aligned to you and resonates with your ideal clients. 

You'll discover and clearly articulate:

• what differentiates your business
• what makes you good at your work
• what drives you to do your work

The exercises you do in this course will help you find the exact words you need to communicate comfortably about yourself and your work.

You'll learn how to tell people "what you do" in an easy, connective way that not only sets you apart, but also positions you as a trusted authority.

The Brand Clarity Marketing Method enables you to relax and be authentic when you're talking about yourself and the work you love to do.



Without having to think too much about it.

You just want to do the work you love...and help the people you care about...
...without having to try so hard with the marketing end of it.

You're seeking a more pleasant experience of promoting your business.

An approach that embraces all of who you are - a way of marketing that allows you to finally relax into yourelf.

You want to thrive in business AND feel genuine, aligned, and easeful.

You don't want "best practices" or rules...
...just gentle guidance to find a way of working that feels right for YOU. 

You are seeking a path to effortlessly, do the work you love to do
while fully being exactly who you are.

You're done with anything that makes you feel cringy, fake, or awkward.
You don't accept pressure to perform.

Really, this is about freedom.


You're clear about what your ideal clients need to hear from you. You have a solid foundation for talking about your brand, because you've done the work of self-reflection and articulated what's unique about you in language that's confident and natural to you. You are competition-proof.

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Talking about yourself and your work is easeful, because you've done the work of clarifying what's different about the way you do your thing. You know how to say what's special about yourself and share about the unique way you do your work, without hesitating, cringing, or feeling self-conscious. 


You no longer waste time and stress about how to promote your business. Attracting and staying in touch with your ideal clients is easy, because you have a simple way of showing up and talking about yourself and your work that you know will connect beause it is genuine and authentic and real.


Imagine marketing your business,
without stressing about what to say

I am ready for clarity


your investment

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As soon as you sign up, you'll get immediate access to the entire course!

Next STEPS...

Learn the skill of speaking naturally to connect with your audience and take your first step toward sharing your authentic brand message with this final project. In this module you'll learn insider secrets to communicating in a way that feels natural and connects. You'll develop and use your own proprietary language to define your brand, make yourself memorable, and attract ideal opportunities and clients into your business.


You'll set up a system for creating content that takes the pressure off. The key to marketing with ease is eliminating the work that feels like a heavy lift. What you accomplish in this course not only clarifies your brand, but gives you content that you can easily share to build connection with your ideal clients.


Build genuine connection and trust with your ideal clients by articulating what drives you do to your work and why it matters so much to you. Sharing why you care about your work gives your ideal clients confidence in you and connects you on a deeper level. 


Articulate how and why you’re good at what you do and what is special about the way you do your work, without feeling cringy or awkward. You ideal clients want and need to hear directly from YOU about what you are particularly good at and what makes your offer different or better. 


Differentiate yourself and your work and articulate your unique point of view about how your ideal client can get what they are longing to have, do, be, or experience and describe your solution for them in language that feels natural to you. 


Find out exactly what needs to be done to clarify your brand and connect with ideal clients. You'll identify where your biggest opportunities are and where to focus your effort in this course. with the Brand Clarity Index™. 


HERE'S how it workS...

"I always felt like I didn't want to bother people and go on and on about this great thing I am doing. I didn't want to make them feel like they had to buy something from me, so I would down-play what I do tremendously.

I was confused about how to present myself - and my response to that "what do you do?" question. I was just responding with a generic answer - there was no personality in it!

When I first opened my shop, I was told I had to be on all the platforms. And you have to start a blog. And you have to do this and that and it was just insane. Not at all fun!!! So that's pretty much why I quit doing it - I was just like, screw this - this is not fun for me - I just want to play with yarn!

Marketing was just a really bad experience for me. So I just dumped it.

After getting into the course, I was just like -- wow! this is not like the videos that are on YouTube, this is not what everyone else is telling you about marketing!

Now, I feel like even if I don't want to do it like everyone else or the way all the experts tell me to - I can still promote and have a brand identity. I can do marketing the way I want to do marketing!

Now, I can talk about myself and feel comfortable talking about my business - not in that really scripted way that everyone else is telling you to do it.

Now I feel like I have so much to say that is unique to me!"

Lysa Fulbright, Designer and Creator

Etsy shop owner @CraftyLysaDesigns

The brand clarity marketing method experience...

"I was looking for clarity around what I was actually offering and how to explain what made it different. I wanted to take action in my business, building a course for women around managing their finances.

In other courses, I didn't finish the work - but in the Brand Clarity Marketing Method I went through every single bit of the course material - and I was looking forward to doing it!

The videos were to-the-point and concise -- and then the worksheets gave me a chance to really focus on what I needed to do in each step. It was such a good pace that it helped me keep moving forward. 

I had taken other courses, but taking the Brand Clarity Marketing Method was one of the best decisions I've made in my business. I'm so glad I did this!

What surprised me was the discovery process.

There were many things that I learned about myself in the course. I'm used to just doing my work and trying to serve others - and I was not used to thinking so deeply about what I do.

This course made me stop and realize why I do things a certain way.

It also made everything that I am creating much more tangible. Getting clear in this made me feel much more confident putting my course out there. I feel empowered to do what I actually want to do in my business.

It's hard to choose my favorite module, but one of my biggest ah-ha's was identifying my values and how they are linked to my business. I loved seeing how it all came together and connected. I also loved the exercise identifying my superpowers - the things I do the best!

Another thing I learned is that there are so many ways to run a business and do marketing - but the most important thing is to know what is right for you. It's liberating!

You can do what works for you and move on without ruminating forever."

Barbora Buchtova,
Educator and Course Creator

Founder of

"One thing that was really holding me back were fears that "maybe I have nothing to say!" and "maybe I have nothing to offer!"

As I worked through each module, I discovered how much I DO have to say, how detailed and important it is. That was the big payoff for me! 

It was tremendous to realize: stop trying to be so perfect and emulating other people! It's not about that - it's about finding what's true, what's real, what's right for you, and what works for you!

It gave me a brilliant place to step off from and find comfort in. It was huge.

You need to go for this course! You're going to discover so much about your business, about yourself, about the ways that you are stuck (which you may not even understand why you're stuck!).

You're going to understand yourself and your business SO deeply.

It's going to become so clear and making those next steps forward is going to be so much easier once you have this foundation under you.

This has been the most brilliant journey of discovery that I didn't know I needed to take - probably that I've ever taken.

It brought me home to just the right reflections to take the exact right next step, solidly.

Now - I am not afraid and I just feel so confident and so ready. That held-back feeling? I don't have that anymore. I can't wait to get out there and start talking about what I do.

I'm not lost for words anymore! Not even one bit.

I have solid foundation now and I just feel great and so positive about moving forward, where before I was very hesistant. I don't have that anymore!

I know what my brand is, I know what I'm doing. Everything is so clear to me now.

This course was so personal - it was grounded in me and my process."

Morgana Braven,

Founder of

"Before this course, I just couldn't move forward.

I was having difficulty trying to express what it is that I do and what I'm all about. I wasn't sure how to articulate what my offering is and how I am different from other bloggers. 

I had already taken other courses that told me how to have this great business - you know, you have to this and do this and do that - and I did all those things, but it wasn't true to me. It wasn't about me doing MY thing. 

Taking this course, it became so clear - what it is I'm about, what it is that I have to offer - and that I have something very special to offer! By the end of the course, I became not just a blogger or a storyteller - but a miner of inspirational experiences.

This course just really, really rocked my world!

One of the things I found in the Brand Clarity Marketing Method was that it helps get out of the thinking (agonizing!) stage and on to the doing stage.

Going through the course took me through the steps that I needed to follow, to end up at a place where I can answer the question "what do you do?" very easily.

The really surprising thing about this course is that it took doing this work to speak authentically about my own business. You wouldn't think it would be so challenging to talk about yourself and your work - but it is!

Now, I feel so much confidence and excitement to share my work.

It took this course to help me understand what it is that I do!

I had to understand some deeper truths about my work first, before I could talk about it.

Being able to articulate that and put it into coherent messaging just makes it so easy to talk to other people about my work."

Deborah Bass,
Storyteller and Blogger at

come join me in the
Brand Clarity Marketing Method!

I'm ready for clarity

In the Brand Clarity Marketing Method™ you'll discover and articulate what differentiates you and your work. 

We get to core of what makes you and your business unique, so you can be authentic and genuine in your marketing.

You'll decide what you want to share and how you want to convey it, so you feel aligned and comfortable when you talk about yourself and your business. 

I've made sure the video content is concise and to the point. You'll hear exactly what to do in each module and learn why each part of this work is important for your genuine comfort in marketing yourself,

I specifically designed the worksheets to break each module into easy to follow steps, so you'll never be stuck or unclear about what to do next.

I'm also proud to offer a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee (that you won’t need because you will love it!) 

You'll finally be able to move forward and market your business in a way that is natural and easeful for you.