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You’ve finally found the work you love to do! 

...but, when you try to talk about yourself and your work, you don't feel as confident as you'd like to.

Given that you're really good at what you do - it feels especially frustrating and embarassing to fumble over your words. 

You know you have a problem with your messaging and you need coaching support to see where you're getting in your own way.

You want a clear personal brand that let's you show up confidently, make real connections with your ideal clients, and build a business that let's you relax into yourself,

The PERSONAL Brand accelerator 
is right for you if...


You have a perspective and expertise that's unique -- but it's hard to explain it.

You’re ready to grow more - but it feels like you've got one foot on the gas and one on the brake.

You can't figure out how to get out of your own head and out of your own way.

You know your clients appreciate you -- but it's hard to articulate exactly what makes you so good at what you do.

When you try to tell people what’s different about your work, you end up rambling -- and doubt creeps in... "if I can't explain it, what am I even doing...?."

Stumbling over your words makes you feel like an amateur and being embarassed makes it even harder to know what to say.

You know you need to tell people about your work -- but you worry about coming across as salesy or pushy.

You don't know how to put yourself out there when you feel so unsure of yourself.

tell me if this sounds familiar...

The truth is, finding the right words to share what you're good at is really hard.

AND staying quiet about your business is holding you back.

it should be easy to talk about yourself and your work, but it isn't.

You know people love the work you’re doing and you're sure there must be even more people out there who need you.

You KNOW there’s got to be a way to explain what you do that doesn’t get you all tongue-tied.

You know if you could just find the right words to talk about your unique work, everything else would fall into place.

You know you’ve got something special to share with the world.


One-on-one coaching, strategy, and mentorship to build momentum.

Position your offer and articulate your brand messaging to finally feel clear, genuine, and confident marketing your business.

This is why I created
the PERSONAL Brand accelerator!

You draw in the clients who benefit most from your work, because you know exactly how to explain what you do.

You make real connections with your ideal clients because you feel relaxed and genuine, with the right words on the tip of your tongue.

You write sales pages and create content that deeply connects with your soul–match clients because you’re crystal clear on what sets you apart.

You finally feel genuinely confident because you’ve finally figured out how to tell people what is special about the work you do, without sounding salesy or pushy.

You move forward in marketing your business because you are clear about the value that you offer and you finally have the language you need to explain it and connect with your ideal clients.

Here’s what's possible for you…

A 5-week one-on-one coaching, strategy, and mentorship experience to get clear about what is special about you and your business, so you can stop spinning your wheels and move forward with sharing the work you were born to do.

The Personal Brand Accelerator helps you clearly articulate your unique positioning and find an easy, clear, genuine way to share what’s special about your work so you can connect with your ideal clients. 

The work you do in the Personal Brand Accelerator builds the foundation you need to market your business through genuine connection with your ideal client.

Finally write resonant website copy and create compelling content and marketing materials. You'll have the clarity and confidence to show your ideal clients that you have the solution they have been looking for.

Every part of your business becomes easier when you know how to talk about your work.

the PERSONAL brand accelerator

Position your proprietary offer to speak directly to your ideal client and convey your specific answer to their problem, so you can bring your brilliance and mastery into the world in a way that allows you to sustainably do your best work.

Clarify what makes your work different and stand out in the market, so you can clearly and efficiently articulate what is special about your business.

Identify what is special about the way you deliver your offer, so you can comfortably talk about the specific strengths, qualities, and gifts that make you so good at the work you do.

Discover the personal experiences that drive you to do your work, so you can build trust with your potential clients by sharing genuinely about your own deep connection to your work.

Craft a natural, yet strategic, way to answer the question "what do you do?" that sets you apart and efficiently conveys the benefit of working with you, without being salesy or pushy -- so you can quickly and confidently connect with your ideal clients.

WEEK-BY-WEEK overview

your investment: $4500



I saw the power of autheticity in marketing when I worked for Nike and Ralph Lauren (long before I became a coach!).

Despite being HUGE, these companies are known for having obsessive fans who feel personally connected to them.

The truth is, it was easy to create deep connections with customers because we were marketing what was REAL and TRUE.

Want to know what Nike and Ralph have that Reebok and Tommy don't?

Nike was legit built by athletes who wore sneakers made with a waffle-iron.

Ralph really does live on a fancy horse ranch and drives luxury fast cars.

My experiences in positioning, branding, and marketing allow me to coach and strategize with you to leverage your unique expertise and authority.

As a PCC level ICF certified professional coach, I know how to help you get out of your own way.

You'll develop positioning that is unique to you - so you can show up comfortably, connect with your ideal clients, and build a business that let's you relax into yourself,

My goal for you to to get so much clarity and confidence talking about yourself and your work, that you forget you're marketing your business.

"Annie helped me think about ways to connect with my clients and prospects in a way that highlights my genuine personality and strengths. I got great feedback about how to talk about my business. 

Annie gives insightful feedback - noticing things that are both positive and areas of potential improvement. My biggest take-away from working with Annie is to LEAN IN! and use my strengths to connect with people and grow my business.

Working with Annie will help you learn about yourself, grow as a leader, and use what you learn to increase your impact and effectiveness in your business.”

Alisa Skatrud
CFA, Senior Financial Advisor

what clients say...

"Annie is deeply encouraging in a real no bullshit kind of way and full of laughter. Even when what we’re working through is really hard, it’s still somehow delightful too! 

My favorite part of working together was Annie’s balance of holding the feeling stuff but also pressing edges.

I think she did this with grace and grit."

-Silvi Alcivar, poet, artist, entrepreneur

what clients say...

Annie is wonderful. She has a way of getting to the heart of the issue in a way that prevents me from getting defensive, which has led to some very eye-opening conversations.

Annie seems to understand the challenges that I have faced in my couple of decades in finance, and how to bridge the gap to personal relationships and growth.

Annie helped me to highlight the positives of my natural style so that I can build on my strengths.

Stephen Newman,
Certified Public Accountant, Financial Reporting Manager

what clients say...

"Through coaching with Annie, I had a shift in perspective and am far more aware of what had been holding me back.

I've seen my motivation and confidence increase and I've gained the resources I need to overcome set-backs and challenges."

Stephanie Baysinger
Recruiting and Operations Manager for a global tech company

what clients say...

"I really liked how you combined the internal aspects of the self and reflected on the business parts. This might be obvious, but I really liked how you took the personal stuff and brought it into the business.

I think you are really good at this and you can really tell when something is off with the tone of voice that gives you hints. You are so good to pick up on this AND also work with it and not ignore it.

I liked how you checked in and cleared the air before we dug in deeper. How you drive the conversations and how focused you are and come back to the main points, was also something I really enjoyed. You DONT forget! I really liked that about you. 
Thank you so much again, Annie! 

Angie Belsaguy
Professional Artist

what clients say...

"My favorite thing is when Annie would say - "what I hear you saying..." 

It would blow my mind! - because it would be so obvious all of a sudden, when it wasn't obvious to me at all before!

Annie's superpower is listening and giving you feedback and making it all so clear."

Deborah Bass, 
Blogger at

what clients say...

"Working with Annie allowed me to see patterns that I had blinders to - which was INCREDIBLY helpful in changing how I showed up at work.

I learned to trust myself, my needs, my thoughts, and inner wisdom in a way that I have never done before.

The work I did with Annie literally changed the outcomes in my life by giving me the courage to level up and make a big career shift."

Jeannie Gracey
Major Philanthropic Gifts Manager

what clients say...

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it's time to create some momentum in your business

In 5 weeks, you'll gain the clarity and momentum you need to confidently and comfortably articulate your unique positioning and move forward with marketing your business.