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#39 – Living A Life of Travel and Adventure with Judy Hughes

You can create a life out of your passions! Listen to how my guest has built as business around doing what she loves.

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The biggest takeaways from this episode:

  • How combining interests can lead to the perfect work, career, and lifestyle solution.
  • Following the path less traveled while traveling, as well as in life, can lead to the best places.
  • How traveling with people I don’t know sounds like a nightmare to me – and how it can be the most fun thing to do!
  • How taking a trip with a group can be an empowering experience.
  • Allowing ourselves to feel what we feel, sleep when we are tired, and have some treats when we want them is actually the real, quality way to take care of ourselves.


Hey friend,

Welcome to the Style With Intention podcast.

This week’s episode is with Judy Hughes – she is a private travel guide and is building a business around leading small group trips to interesting places, doing interesting things. These are not your typical group tours!

I was eager to ask Judy how she is doing this – I always love hearing how someone is building their business and I wanted to learn more about how it all works. As you know, I am a big ole introvert, and I cannot imagine that I would enjoy traveling with a group of people I don’t know…but still, there is something really appealing about going on a trip where someone else is leading the way and planning everything. Especially all the special, off-the-beaten-path adventures these trips include. Judy explains how it all works in this episode.

If you’re interested in Judy’s trips, just scroll the the end of these show notes and you’ll find ways to get in touch with her. She runs Meet-Up’s in the Los Angeles area and has quite a few international trips planned for next year!

As always, my goal is to make it quicker and easier for you to access more ease, joy, and intention in your life…because happy looks really, really good!

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If you’re looking for a way to explore what you want for yourself, I suggest journaling – and here are some prompts to get you started!

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Check out Judy’s instagram @genxabroad 

Judy Hughes