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Drinking alcohol and the opportunities that giving it all up has opened up. The biggest takeaways from this episode: How the “mommy culture” as become the “mommy-wine culture.” What Renee has learned about herself, now that she’s given up alcohol and is sober. The way that alcohol-use progresses and sabotages us. How a Sober Sister […]

#31 – Getting Sober With Renee Carlson, the Sober Witch

magnetic personal brand


Internet browsing is actually one form of distraction that is chock full of info and today I share how to make it work for you and a strategy for managing all the info you’re consuming. You can turn your social media time – or that previously mindless, wasted distracted time – into a productive mission […]

#30 – Use Social Media To Bring What You Really Want Into Focus


When your personal space feels right, it can make your whole life easier – but what feels “right” is sometimes hard to define. Our guest today, Kerri Gray Miller, shares about the effect of “chi” in our spaces and finding the balance that feels “right.” She is passionate about sharing the benefits of feng shui […]

#29 – Feng Shui Solutions With Kerri Gray Miller


Every choice you make about how you show up in the world is an expression of your personal style, including the spaces that you surround yourself with. I’m sharing how to use your personal style as a powerful tool and how you can use it to manage your subconscious and shape the experiences that you have.  […]

#28 – How Your Environment Defines Your Personal Style

dining room


The mistakes that people make when they take on a project and how to avoid them – as well as what you need to do to fix them!  Check out this episode! The biggest takeaways from this episode: How easy it is to box yourself into a corner. Why your home decorating project gets stuck. […]

#27 – Ways Your Home Decorating Project Gets Stuck and How To Fix Them

environment defines style


Big change is often uncomfortable – and you can only see in hindsight how everything worked together for good. In this episode, I share some very personal insights and reflections about unexpected changes in my life, deliberate choice, and the lessons I’ve learned about playing small. The biggest takeaways from this episode: How “playing small” […]

#26 – Are You Playing Small?


Blindspots at home may be sending you subconscious messages. Discover where your blindspots at home might be hiding and how to create a home that gives you a sense of welcome, relaxation, and belonging. The biggest takeaways from this episode: How the subconscious messages in your environment affect you. Why we get blindspots at home […]

#25 – Blindspots At Home and Their Subconscious Messages

blindspots at home and subconscious messages


Figuring out your next chapter can feel confusing and overwhelming, so I’m sharing the tactics I’ve used to gain clarity about what I want to do next in my life. Many of us are looking at an empty nest and a whole second-half to figure out. You can make the rest of your life, the […]

#24 – How To Find Your Calling And Get Excited For Whatever’s Next

find your calling


A conversation with Master Life Coach and author, Cara Alwill Leyba, about her new book and how you can live with more confidence. The biggest takeaways from this episode: Why confidence is an inside job that anyone can do. Redefining what it means to be beautiful in terms of energy. The fastest way to overcome […]

#23 – Like She Owns The Place – A Conversation With Cara Alwill Leyba

Cara Alwill-Leyba