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A step-by-step method for choosing the way you want to feel and accessing genuinely happier feelings. You can reprogram your subconscious in as little as 17 seconds. The biggest takeaways from this episode: Why you can’t “just relax” or “calm down.” A step-by-step method to experience the feelings you want to have. The control you do have […]

#22 – Reprogram Your Subconscious So You Can Feel Genuinely Happier

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Our lives are filled with the stories we tell ourselves to make sense of our lives – but our stories might actually be creating our experiences. You can shape your experiences by managing the stories you tell yourself. The biggest takeaways from this episode: Why we tell ourselves stories. How to know if you’re telling […]

#21 – Stories That Might Be Holding You Back

A new way of looking at our stories.


We’re going to look at our lives from the perspective of our past – 20-30 years from now – and think about whether we are happy with how we lived. The biggest takeaways from this episode: Why it’s never too late to make start making your past something to smile about. How trying to keep […]

#20 – Plan To Make Your Past Something To Smile About

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Struggle and effort are not helping you get what you want. The faster, easier way to have what you really want is to get crystal clear about how it would feel to already have whatever it is that you want – and literally step into that feeling to bring the actual experience into your life. […]

#19 – How To Give Up The Struggle and Just Be

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Midlife is a topic many of us would rather not think about – but I’m on a mission to make midlife the new “prime!” Today, I’m sharing why you should be excited about whatever’s next for you and how you can make your life more the way you want it to be. The biggest takeaways […]

#18 – Midlife – Let’s Make It The New Prime

Midlife can be the new prime.


Friendship is 100% voluntary – that’s what makes it so wonderful! – and also the thing that pushes it lower on the priority list, when life gets busy. It seems like friendship should be easy at this point – but that’s not always the case. Listen in to today as I share 3 essential qualities […]

#17 Develop Deeper Adult Friendships With These 3 Qualities

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Sleep is essential to our happiness, but all too often – it can be elusive. Instead of tossing and turning tonight, I invite you to try something new. This unique sleep meditation will guide you into a restful, peaceful sleep, so you can fall asleep and stay asleep, all night long. Hey there, Thanks for […]

#16 A Special Sleep Meditation

getting to sleep and staying asleep


Get out of your own way by transforming your “have to’s” into “get to’s” and start looking forward to what’s next for you.  Click HERE to listen right now on iTunes!  You can also listen below. The biggest takeaways from this episode: Why feeling deprived is blocking your ability to manifest. How to shift from […]

#15: The Mindset Shift You Can Make To Stop Feeling Deprived

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* Manifesting * is simply the name we give to purposefully working with our subconscious mind to create the experiences we want to have in our conscious lives. Click HERE to listen right now on iTunes!  You can also listen below. The biggest takeaways from this episode: What manifesting is and how you can use […]

#14: Manifesting What You Really Want

manifesting what you really want