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#36 – Letting Go Of Control When You’re Parenting Teens, with Dr. Dawn Davis

Dr. Dawn Davis shares tips for owning and weathering the changes that come with parenting teenagers and encourages us to relate to ourselves with non-judgemental, inquisitiveness.

The biggest takeaways from this episode:

  • The way we relate to ourselves is the way we will relate to others.
  • How important it is to be curious about our own experience.
  • Learning to tune in and identify where in our bodies we are feeling our feelings.
  • How our job is to allow our child to fulfill their own destiny.
  • The surprising strength and relief of letting go of control and showing our resilience.

Hey friend,

I hope you’re having a good week! Welcome to the Style With Intention podcast.

Today I talk with Dr. Dawn Davis about being a mom of our kids as they get older and need us less. She shares 3 tips for getting through this time in our lives with strength, grace, and curiousity.

Dr. Dawn Davis brings so much wisdom and her personal insights gleaned from years of being a mom herself – as well as her training as a developmental psychologist, her personal research and reading, and her work as a yoga instructor.

Her new book is called “Mom As You Are” – so if you like our conversation today, you will love reading even more of her brilliant insights and practical suggestions.

I hope you enjoy our chat today – Dawn is actually a dear friend, so it was fun for me to chat with her!

As always, my goal is to make it quicker and easier for you to access more ease, joy, and intention in your life…because happy looks really, really good!

Enjoy the show!

Annie Kip

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Dawn Davis