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You’re finally doing the work you love, on your own terms - no more compromising! You're in business for yourself and working with clients and loving what you get to do everyday.

This is what you’ve always wanted and you’re more than grateful to be here - but, when you try to explain your work, sometimes you still stumble over your words. And it takes the wind right out of your sails.

You know your business is unique, but explaining it is hard.

The BIZ CLARITY MASTERMIND might be just right for you if...

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You’re getting clients (some of them paying your full rate! yay!), making money, and you’re ready to grow more -- but posting about your business and writing website copy feels like a slog. Sometimes you’re not even sure what to share about your business.

When you try to tell poeple what’s different about your business, you end up rambling - and doubt creeps in... "if I can't explain it, what am I even doing...?."

You know your clients love you -- but you still can't quite articulate what makes you so good at what you do.

The freedom of setting your own schedule, working on your own terms, and not answering to anybody lights you up -- but sometimes, it does feel just a little bit like you're out in the solopreneur wilderness all by yourself.

You care deeply about the work you do and are so grateful that you finally get to be your own boss - but being in your own head everyday sometimes has you spinning your wheels. 

tell me if this sounds familiar...

You know you’ve got something special to share with the world.

I totally get it because I’ve been there.

There’s so much to do when you’re starting up your business. Writing your About Page, creating email sequences, packaging your offer, posting on social media.

It should be easy to talk about your work at this point, right?

But, I know it’s not.

I know that frustration all too well and I've felt myself sinking into that shame spiral and thinking...what is wrong with me?

The truth is, it’s super hard to see yourself and your business clearly from the inside.

You need someone else to see you - someone you trust who can give you some perspective and help you see your superpowers. 

You know people love the work you’re doing and you're sure there must be even more people out there who need you.

You KNOW there’s got to be a way to explain what you do that doesn’t get you all tongue-tied, so you can actually help the right people find the amazing work you're doing.

You know, if you could just get really clear on how to talk about your business, it would be much easier to get that website copy written, create the offers that your favorite people will snap up, and share about your business in a way that is genuine and effortless.

You'll get crystal clear about how you want to market your business with specific lessons and coaching in a small group of entreprenuers, who know what it's like to work for yourself.

This is why I created the Biz Clarity Mastermind!

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You’re writing sales pages and social media posts that deeply connect with your soul–match clients because you’re crystal clear on what sets you apart.

You confidently talk about your business and make real connections with your ideal clients because you’ve done the work, know what you want to say, and always have the right words on the tip of your tongue.

You smile and feel the new, calm sense you finally have of yourself - that isn’t dependent on what other people think, because you’ve finally figured out how to tell people what is truly special about the way you do your work.

You look forward to grabbing a hot cuppa and connecting with friends who get what you do and want to see you succeed as much as you do, because you’ve finally found your biz-besties.

You feel clear, settled, and sure of yourself and the work you do. You’re productive and moving forward with your business on the daily, loving the freedom and feeling of deep satisfaction that doing the work you love gives you.

Here’s how your life is about to look…

"Annie works not from what she thinks is best for you but what she sees you think is best for you. She's like a guide, helping you trust your trust, push your edges, honor your worth, and get to where you didn’t think you needed to go but gratefully realize is where you must have been headed all along.  

She's also deeply encouraging in a real no bullshit kind of way and full of laughter. Even when what we’re working through is really hard, it’s still somehow delightful too! 

My favorite part of working together was Annie’s balance of holding the feeling stuff but also pressing edges. I think she did this with grace and grit."

-Silvi Alcivar, poet, artist, entrepreneur

what clients say...

A 6-week small group coaching experience to get clear about what is special about your business, build relationships that will support you for the long haul, and create momentum in your business.

Stop spinning your wheels and start moving forward!

The Biz Clarity Mastermind is all about clearly articulating your business positioning and finding an easy, genuine way to share what’s special about your work so you can connect with your ideal clients. 

You'll do this work alongside a small group of entrepreneurs who get what it's like to build a business and can help you see yourself.

The work you do in the Biz Clarity Mastermind is the foundation you need to confidently move forward and market your business with resonant website copy, compelling business profiles, engaging social media posts, aligned offers, and marketing materials that will draw in your ideal clients.

the Biz clarity Mastermind

6 weeks

your investment: $1500

6 live group coaching calls (Mondays, 1 p.m. ET) with me and your small cohort of entrepreneurs, so you’ve got the structure and support you need to create momentum.

5 essential business clarity lessons to keep you on track as you articulate your business positioning, so you can stop spinning your wheels and confidently move forward with your business.

5 co-working sessions (Thursdays, 1 p.m. ET), so you have built-in time to get your work done and implement what you’re learning in a supportive environment.

Group text support between our calls, so you can get the outside perspective you need and won’t be working alone or wasting time feeling stuck.

The chance to build deep connections with a small cohort of entrepreneurs. (Of course, it's up to you - but this is great way to find your biz-besties for the long haul!)


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Purpose: Convey what makes your business different and stand out in the market, so you can efficiently describe the difference between what everyone else offers and what you offer.


Purpose: Discover your unique way of articulating what is special about the way you deliver your offer, so you can comfortably convey the specific strengths and gifts that you possess that make you so good at the work you do.


Purpose: Describe the personal experiences that drive you to do your work, so you can build trust with your potential clients by sharing genuinely about your own connection to your work.


Purpose: Craft a short statement that efficiently articulates what you do, who you work with, and the benefit of working with you, so you can quickly and confidently connect with your ideal clients.


Purpose: Identify 5-10 topics or areas of your life that you will share strategically in your marketing and on social media, so it’s easy for you to post and build connection with your ideal clients. 


We’ll lock in what you've learned and celebrate the work you’ve done, so you can set intentions and make plans for you and your business in the next 6 months.

WEEK-BY-WEEK overview

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"Annie helped me think about ways to connect with my clients and prospects in a way that highlights my genuine personality and strengths. I got great feedback about how to talk about my business. 

Annie gives insightful feedback - noticing things that are both positive and areas of potential improvement. My biggest take-away from coaching with Annie is to LEAN IN! and use my strengths to connect with people and grow my business."

Alisa Skatrud
CFA, Senior Financial Advisor

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You and me and a small cohort of supportive entrepreneurs, getting crystal clear about marketing your business over 6 weeks.

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"I was having a hard time balancing everything in my life and I wanted to enjoy my work more. From working with Annie, I saw new possibilities and was able to call upon my own unique abilities and internal strength to move in a productive direction. As a result of working with Annie, I definitely have more joy in my life, I've gotten more clients, and I have a more successful business."

Anna Kaufman
Chief Badass, 
Speak Like A Badass, LLC

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