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#13 – How To Live In A High Energetic Vibration

Your energetic vibration and emotions are intricately connected – and they determine how you experience the world. You can choose higher vibrational energy to have better experiences!

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The biggest takeaways from this episode:

  • What energetic vibration is and how it affects us.
  • How our emotional state is inextricably linked to our energetic vibration.
  • How to use your emotional frequency to your advantage every day.
  • Why you should reach for a better-feeling emotion each and every day.

Hey there,

Thanks for being here today! Welcome to the Style With Intention podcast.

We’re going to dive into a concept that is the basis for everything we talk about on this show. The idea is that our emotional state really does determine the experiences we have – and this is within our control! You can dial into an emotional state – just like you can dial into a station on the radio.

Before you think I’m going all “woo woo” here – I want you to know that this is real science! (Quantum physics, baby!) AND you’ve probably already experienced it firsthand without even realizing it.

Think about that negative friend who also always seems to have more and more problems in her life. Or those “rock star” days when you’ve got on a great outfit and your hair is working – and it seems like everything you do is super easy and fun.   

Those scenarios are not mere coincidence, there’s more at play here!

Listen in today as we jump into the concept of energetic vibration and how you can use it to bring a sense of freedom and expansiveness into your life – and more “rock star” days! You have more power than you realize.

As always, my goal is to make it quicker and easier for you to access more ease, joy, and intention in your life…because happy looks really, really good!

Enjoy the show!

Annie Kip

We’ve got really great FREE BONUS CONTENT for today’s show – the Access A Happier State Of Mind  guide will help you identify where your emotions are now and the next, better-feeling emotion you can try to reach for.

This simple exercise is the key to start living living at a higher energetic vibration!

How to Access A Happy State Of Mind



Welcome to the Style With Intention podcast, where we talk about how to use your personal style choices as a tool to create a life you love.

We believe choice is empowering, complacency is boring, and happy looks really, really good!

I’m your host, Annie Kip, and today I’d like to kick it off by diving right into a concept that is the basis for everything that we’re talking about here on the show. We’ve been talking about subjects that have touched on it – like valuing yourself and your emotional state and setting up your routines to help you feel great.

But, today’s topic – How To Live In a High Energetic Vibration – is the actually key to creating a life you love from the inside out.

Everything comes back to this concept.

Your energetic vibrational frequency determines how you feel inside.

I’m going to explain my personal understanding of what vibrational energy is, how it affects our lives and how we feel, and what you can do to use it to your advantage every day.

Vibrational energy frequencies are actually explained by quantum physics – which I am not going to get into here. This is a really nuanced and complex concept and my understanding is based on everything I’ve been reading for years and what I’ve learned from people who are much smarter people than I am.

The information I’m going to share with you comes from people like Jess Lively and Esther Hicks and Pam Grout – they’ve been really influential in my understanding of this material and I’ve adapted some of their examples to help explain it.

I know, when I explain this – you’re going to realize that you know exactly what I am talking about!

You’ve experienced vibrational energy before, whether you’re aware of it or not.

To understand what energetic vibrational frequency is, I want you to first imagine an ordinary transistor radio with a dial to tune in different stations. Stopping at each point on the dial tunes you into a different station – and when you’re tuned in to one station, you can’t hear what is being broadcast on another station.

The station you have tuned into fills your room with sound and determines what you hear.

Individual vibrational frequencies are sort of similar – only they affect everything you perceive – not just what you hear.

Just like on a radio dial, there’s a whole range of vibration stations and when you’re tuned into one vibration, you can’t perceive what you might perceive if you were tuned in to another vibration.

When you’re tuned into the stations at the low end of the dial – the low vibrational energy – you feel things like heavy-hearted, pain, frustration, and despair. At this vibration, struggles seem worse, you’re tired, and the world seems to be an unfriendly, scary, difficult place.

When you’re tuned into the high end of the dial – the high vibrational energy – you feel light-hearted, energetic, hopeful, and expansive. Things just seem to work out, you find solutions easily, you can be creative and the world feels more like an exciting, wonderful, benevolent community.

So you can see how your vibrational frequency affects your life –  think of someone you know who is sort of grumpy. I have a neighbor like this. Nothing ever seems right. They grumble rather than talk. They’re suspicious and generally seem really unhappy. Someone like this is living life in a low vibration – they aren’t experiencing all of the high vibration goodness that results in friendly exchanges, connected relationships, and peaceful, positive expectations.

But the truth is – that no one is ever really stuck! All of the vibrational frequencies are available to each of us.

Where you are on the dial can change almost instantly.

For example, I might be in a great mood – but if someone says something hurtful or critical – it might bring me down and I could find myself moving into a lower vibration. Hurt feelings are in a low vibration. Going over and over what was said, is a low vibrational place. Ruminating about what I could have done differently keeps me in a low vibration.

Your vibrational energy can suddenly change in the other direction.

You can move toward a more positive vibrational energy – if you get a happy surprise, or you have a good conversation, or are proud of yourself – or even when you think of a happy memory.

You don’t have a vibrational set-point – you can reach for a higher emotional state at any given moment. The people who seem happy more of the time aren’t immune to bad experiences, but they are sort of inoculated against the low vibrational energy because they’ve become better at getting back bouncing back and getting themselves into a higher emotional state more quickly.

To start managing your vibrational energy – keep in mind, it’s easiest to shift to a higher vibration in small steps. If you feel overwhelmed and want to feel better, it’s much easier to reach for boredom and then contentment and then hopefulness and then optimism – than to reach all the way up to confidence and eagerness. You can eventually get there, though – one step at a time.

Anger gets a bad rap in particular  – but it does have a role in life.

It might surprise you to know that emotions like anger are actually preferable in some circumstances – for example when you’re depressed. Depression is a very low vibrational place to be – it feels awful, and hopeless, and like you don’t have the energy to pull yourself out of it. Anger is also a low vibrational place to be, but it has a little more fire in it, more power to it, so it’s a little higher on the dial than depression.

In episode 3, we gave you a free, one-page Access A Happier State Of Mind guide to help you identify where your emotions currently are and provide a ladder of emotions to help you see the next highest emotion available for you to reach for. 

Vibrational energy is a universal concept that has been around forever. We’re just beginning to tap the surface of understanding how we can use it.

This isn’t some fake, “just make yourself look on the bright-side” kind of voo-doo – it’s actually scientifically proven with quantum physics that everything in the universe is made up of atoms that are vibrating at different frequencies which are constantly moving and influencing our experience of what we think of as “reality.”

Your energetic vibration affects how you experience the world.

Most of this quantum physics stuff is above my pay-grade – but I will link to some articles that I found helpful in understanding it in the show notes.

Experts say that someday, we will look back on ourselves at this time in history and laugh at our ignorance – and feel sorry that mankind didn’t take more advantage of this tool. Not believing that our energy affects how we experience the world is limiting – and will seem as absurd as being afraid of sailing into the sunset, for fear of falling off the flat earth.

I don’t have to understand exactly why it is true to know that when you spend time in a higher vibrational frequency – you’re just happier. High vibrations just feel good and the higher you go, the better you feel and the more good things happen to you. I bet you’ve experienced this as well.

A lot of what we talk about on this show – intentionally creating a life that will make us happier comes down to choices.

We can make choices that allow us to manage our energetic vibration better.

We can bring ourselves up more often by choosing to do, and say, and wear, and pick whatever will make our hearts happy.

If you’re an artist – make art! If you need more rest to feel good inside, get the rest you need. If you feel uplifted by good music, play the music as often as you can. If you love being organized and having all of your files in order, make time to do that. Gina – who helps me produce the show really loves working on her Mac computer because everything is synced-up and easy to use – while it may be a little more expensive, it makes work more seamless and fun for her.

If you have something that you really enjoy doing – do it.

I love playing tennis – and even though it takes time and costs money to play – I make it a priority because it makes me feel amazing. When I’m playing with the girls I love to play with and hitting the ball well – it’s definitely in the high vibrational range.

When I spend time on my porch and feel that deep gratitude for how lucky I am to have my porch – I am accessing a higher vibration. It’s good to really get into the feeling and make it bigger and fuller if you can. You might get that same feeling from running, or spending time with friends, or getting a project done. Whatever makes you feel genuinely good inside is in the higher range of vibration.

Really lean into the good feeling.

Let it fill you with all the good feeling you can get out of it.

Figuring out what will bring your vibration up is one of the most important things you can do – because it affects every other aspect of your life.

It’s worth committing time and resources to something that really makes you happy – because it affects everything – your health, your relationships, and what you contribute to the world!

If you needed permission to pursue your own happiness – this is it!

You are actually making the world a better place by focusing on what makes you happy and raising your vibration.

Making the high vibration activities a part of your routine is a great way to stay in a high frequency. Choosing the coffee mug that makes you happy or just taking a minute to enjoy the sunshine. It sounds small – but it’s big!

The kicker is – when you spend time in a higher vibration energy, you are literally a match to other high vibrations – this is why you will find that people smile back at you.

Good things happen when you are in a good mood.

You’ve probably experienced this unconsciously – and might even be doing this everyday without realizing it – attracting good experiences into your life, just by being your normal, happy self everyday!

Be sure to get the FREE BONUS CONTENT for this episode – the one-page guide to “Access A Happier State Of Mind.” It’s really interesting to see which emotions are higher on the ladder than others and will give you an easy way to start bringing your energetic vibrational frequency to a higher level.

Next week, in episode 14, we’re going to talk about how you can intentionally manage your vibrational frequency to actually get more of what you want in your life!

Thanks for listening today and I’ll catch you next week! Bye-bye for now!


Click HERE to get the simple one-page guide to reaching for a happier state of mind.



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