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Social media is a terrific place for meeting new clients! When you position yourself optimally with a great bio, the new contacts you meet can lead to lasting connections and business opportunities.

The words you choose for your online bio will show your personality and tell people what to expect from your business before you even speak.

Your bio must be easy to read, well-organized, and make people want to get to know you.

The Easy Way To Write Your Optimal Biz Bio framework helps you communicate who you are

write a biz bio that
makes you feel confident



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Let's make sure your bio represents you optimally!

This is the personalized support you need to find your voice and write a clear, compelling social media bio that makes you proud.

We'll also dive into: 

+ connecting with your potential clients (by being yourself!)
+ offering value (how you will make money!)
+ authentic, transparent marketing (aligned with your offer!)
+ easy, intentional social media (with more confidence!)

This intensive is perfect if you're a new business owner, an established entrepreneur who wants more clarity in communication about your business, or a professional pivoting into your own entrepreneurial business.

Finally figure out how to speak clearly about your business!

90 minutes/$397

the Biz Bio


"I was in a room recently where the host commented that they LOVED my profile! The host was a social media expert who was giving people feedback on their profiles and she said she had nothing to add on mine. In fact she was taking notes of things she could use for hers! Thanks, Annie!"

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Co-Author of Rent-2-Rent Success
Co-Founder of HMO Heaven

stephanie taylor

"You are amazing, Annie! I am bowing to you!"
- Lori

Wow - everything happens for a reason - like I said, I just stumbled into your room and it literally was the best thing I've done today! Thank you for pouring into me today. This gave me a lot of clarity about writing my bio, especially as I'm building my coaching business. Thank you so much!
- Dorcas

"Amazing! This was so, so helpful! Thank you so much!"

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what I really want for you is to feel free to do the work you love on your own terms. 

If you’re ready to finally build a business that makes you feel clear, calm, and confident, then I’m ready to support you in making that happen.

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