Genuine confidence
is the key to
creating the
connections, opportunities,
and relationships
you need to be successful.


When it comes to your career, you're the right person for the job. You love your work, you produce excellent quality, and you want to make a difference. You're motivated by big challenges and learning new things.

Everyone can count on you to get the job done - and done well.

Which is why it would be nice to get a little recognition - or maybe a lot - since it's long overdue.

hey there, friend, I recognize you.

Too often, professionals like you struggle to be seen accurately or positively by your colleagues and managers.

No matter what you do to fit in...pitching in way more than your share for the team, wearing the right clothes, listening even when you're bored out of your're sometimes treated like competition. 

You're doing your best to navigate office politics and survive the social games, but it just takes so much energy.

You're working so hard and still being overlooked, underpaid, and unappreciated.

You're starting to wonder if this is the right kind of work environment for you.

I wasted many months feeling insecure, exhausting myself being “on” all the time, and working hard to fit in - I doubted whether I could really make it at the company.

I tried to be like them,
but I just wasn't

I understand, because I’ve lived this.

When I started my job at Nike Design, I was soooo nervous. I was your basic Mary Tyler Moore in sea of too-cool, moody designers - and the more I tried to be confident, the more awkward and uncomfortable I felt.

I tried to fit in by wearing glasses (that I didn’t actually need), wearing big ole black Doc Martens (which were cool, but soooo not my style), and cutting my hair really short (much to the dismay of my new husband).

oh, i've been there
- and it wasn't pretty.

- take control of how you are perceived
- train people to listen to you
 -convey authority and personal presence
 -handle difficult social situations
 -impact people on a deeper level
 -become confident and magnetic

I can help you do the same, so you can:

When I finally let go of the shoulds and embraced my girl-next-door quirkiness - and showed up with genuine confidence, everything changed.

I got the respect I needed to get ahead and I started thinking about confidence and my career differently.

I took the same strategies the big brands use and brought them down to a personal level to create the experiences, opportunities, and relationships I wanted in my career.

I finally decided to do something about it

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You can get THE RECOGNITION, ease, and success you really want.

Now, I use these same brand strategies I used at Nike and Ralph Lauren to help under-appreciated professionals, like you, deliberately craft the experience you want people to have of you.

Your professional brand positions you to get ahead as an expert in your current job and sets you up to build a business that is precisely aligned with who you are.

You'll integrate and express yourself fully so you can be seen accurately and create the new connections, relationships, and opportunities you need to get the career success you want.

All it takes is discovering the parts of yourself that you want to lean into and showing up with genuine confidence.

the big brands have raving fans who are all in - and you can too.

Nike was created by real elite athletes. Ralph really does live on a legit elegant horse ranch.

And you, my friend, just have to be yourself. When you show up as your genuine, confident self your brand differientiator is YOU.

And it was easy because we were
just being real. 

This is how it all clicked for me...when I worked for Nike and Ralph Lauren, we were all about giving you, the customer, an amazing experience.

We designed every aspect of every interaction - from the stores, to the product, to the packaging, to the ads - to be a brand experience that confirmed and enhanced how awesome it felt to be associated with our products. 

We did it all on purpose.

hey there,
I'm annie kip.

So why does this matter to me?

By making strategic choices, you can be who you want to be and do the things that you're afraid to do. You can do fulfilling work that is precisely aligned with who you are, on your own terms. I believe the key to this is defining your professional brand, which will help you develop genuine confidence.

I can help you do this.

your choices matter

I've done my learning in real life and I practice what I preach. My business is built around all the things I love to do - my background in branding and marketing with Nike and Ralph Lauren, my work as a stylist, and my experience running own interior design business. As a CPCC certified coach, I bring all of this together and ask the right questions to help you build a professional brand that's a full expression of your brilliance.

You can build a brand and business that integrates your unique skills and interests too.

I'm creating a whole new way of working and accessing self-confidence - from the outside-in. I believe the world would be a better place if we were all able to do the work we love, on our own terms.

Choosing makes all the difference

As a California girl living in New England, you'll find me in a sweater and jeans most of the year - but I mix in anything that tickles my fancy, from vintage jewelry, to (faux!) python cowboy boots, to moviestar sunglasses.

I've given up my clunky Doc Martens - but I've come to see the value of giving myself permission to wear whatever gives me the
mindset, armor, or boost I'm looking for.

Even when I'm working from home, I actually choose what to wear according to how I want to feel on any given day.
(You can do this too! Try it!)

If you come by on the weekend, you'll most likely find me at home. Yep, I'm a huge introvert and I love being on my porch, reading and drinking coffee. I also might be in my garden up to my elbows in dirt or on my laptop digging deep into whatever business or personal development topic has me obsessed this week.

My three kids are all taller than me now and have almost all flown the coop - which means less laundry, more me-time, and a very excited mama anytime we can all get together. Even if it's only on Zoom.

We have a literal coop around back, occupied by three chickens (Luca, Priscilla, and Raven), which is obsessively guarded by our sweet, old chocolate lab, Luna.

Luna will definitely greet you with big, sloppy kisses!
(You've been warned.)

hello, My friend.

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You have what it takes to create a successful, fulfilling career, on your own terms.

You're ready to show up and be seen the way you want to be seen and do the work you love to do - in a way that energizes you.

You're ready to feel confident, at-ease, and create the career success you want to experience.

You are ready.